Sunday, November 2, 2008


Granddaughters are great. I am blessed with several. I had the opportunity to visit with Taylor, my youngest son's 15 year old, yesterday. She is bright, vibrant, somewhat shy and a joy to be around. I learned something of her life in school and her world yesterday and was impressed by the obvious delight she took in life and her very positive outlook and demeanor.
Here's a picture of a very cute and adorable granddaughter.

The dufus next to her is of course yours truly. How I got to look this old and goofy is a long, long story.

I am going to jump over to her myspace page and leave a message when I'm done here. Yes, I think I can find it and handle it, maybe, with some help from a 12 year old, Maybe......

Anyway.......I felt the need to brag about one of my teenage granddaughters today.



Raven said...

What a beauty... and she's got a great grandfather.

Dianne said...

how did I miss this!!

what a cutie she is and you're not so bad yourself :)