Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wordzzle #11

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: cranberry sauce, amber, laundry list, coffin, morning glory, shalom, mystery, sparrow hawk, pumpernickel, stained glass

And for the Mini Challenge: margarita, gum wrapper, spring fever, Darfur, lace

Once again my laziness astounds even me.

"Romance in the Third World"

Noting the cranberry sauce stain on an otherwise spotless amber blouse, Nick thought the young lady was very attractive indeed. She possessed a couple of qualities on his laundry list of “things my future wife must have.” She was tall but not so tall she’d need an oversized coffin. (Why he thought like that he didn’t know for sure...perhaps it was from watching too much Dexter) Anyway.... she was pretty in a dark exotic way, feminine but not prissy; no morning glory or wall flower this one.

He uttered a soft “Shalom” and she replied “thanks and you as well.” There was mystery in her eyes; those grey green orbs almost hypnotic yet simultaneously sharp as those of a sparrow hawk. He offered to share his corned beef on pumpernickel sandwich and she accepted with grace and style; taking a hearty but still somewhat ladylike bite; then washing it down with the house red wine the color of rich stained glass.

Nick toasted her with his margarita. He picked up the gum wrapper next to his glass and tossed it into the ash tray. He had taken up chewing gum in an attempt to quit smoking. The urge to light up was like spring fever in High School, so constant and demanding, that he focused on his beautiful new dinner companion to relieve the desire for smoke and enjoy the desire for her instead.

“What brings you to Darfur, Miss? He asked. “It’s just plain Amanda, Amanda Bianforia” she answered as she wiped a bit of mustard from her mouth with the lace napkin. “And you are?” “Nick Jacobs, Amanda...nice to meet you.” “I’m here with the UN team investigating the recent outbreak of violence in the refugee camps.” “You didn’t say what brought you here Amanda” he finished. “Oh, I just came to drop off some cranberry sauce for the Thanksgiving meal tomorrow Nick, and to meet you of course” she added slyly.

Uh-Oh he thought to himself; playful and aggressive, that’s on the list as well. Sometimes good things do happen to good people after all. He wiped a spot of mustard from Amanda’s pretty amber blouse and wondered if she liked kids. That was on his laundry list too.

POST SCRIPTUM: Murphy's Life Episode #2 is here. Video below is a hoot. If you have a minute listen to Mrs. Hughes.


Raven said...

Awww... I love it. What a wonderful romance. Well done!

Akelamalu said...

You should write romance for a living that was excellent!

Richard said...

Thanks raven and akelamalu- if you want to read a little romance use the link at the bottom of the page to go to Murphy's life.

Episode #2 is up today.


the teach said...

Rich, wonderful and romantic! And you were able to smoothly fit in all the words. I wondered about "oversized coffin" but you saved it by saying maybe he was watching too much Dexter. Isn't Dexter great? Good job!

Richard said...

Thanks Mary, I see from your story today that you have something of an affinity for coffins or at least their supernatural inhabitants.

Yes, Dexter is my sick and twisted dirty little TEE VEE pleasure.

I abhore what he does (I really do not like gore) but the show is so well written and the real time narrative, combined with just enough flashback history to explain his deeply broken character keeps the attention of my little mind on Sunday nights.

We all have our guilty pleasures, don't we?


Raven said...

Ok... I apologize for this, but you are now officially tagged for a meme called GETTING TO KNOW YOU. Sorry. I figured this was the best of your sites to choose.

Jay said...

That was really great. We've all been in that situation. Just standing in a store or someplace and see someone that just takes out breath away. Good job!

Dianne said...

That was such a breezy read. It was relaxing and romantic and hopeful. And to think you could do that and still refer to coffins and Dexter.

You're a complex guy ;)

Richard said...

Raven - OK, I guess. I've never been tagged. I'll come visit you and see what I need to do.

Jay - thanks man.

Dianne - thank you very much.