Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Hood has Talent!

I just finished reading Dianne's post " and I see your True Colors" at her blog.

Anyone with any sort of heart or the ability to understand compassion should read this story.

I remain in awe of knowing someone (even if just through our blogs and writing) with that kind of talent. There are many talented people respresented in my sidebar. I have read countless entertaining, hilarious, and moving posts from them.

Dianne's work in this latest piece is peerless and powerful. Read it and learn; live in another person's shoes, if just for the moment. You won't be sorry!

I start back to work tomorrow and will be here mostly just on Saturdays for the Wordzzle stories. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Don't forget to read Dianne's story.



Dianne said...

Richard sometimes you bring me to tears.

Good tears.

Thank You!

Richard said...

How about bringing me a signed copy of your first Book, deal?


and you do the same to me by the way