Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rants in the Hood

Dianne at Forks off the Moment and Jay at the Cynical Bastard have a couple of rants worth reading this week.

Jay's visit to Walmart the day before Mother's Day is a good read.

Dianne has found something besides the big-ass store to apply her considerable wit to with this post on getting Fiber optics in her home.

I enjoyed both these posts greatly. I wish either Jay or Dianne had been with me when I had a conversation with my neighbor lady yesterday.

She approached me as I stacked brush along our shared property line.

Neighbor lady: "I thought you were putting up a real fence"
Me: "If I could afford it I would, but I can't right now while I'm out of work"
Neighbor lady: Have the dogs been in your yard much?"
Me: "I run them off about once a day."
Neighbor lady: "Well, when you live out here in the country..."
Me: IN MY HEAD "WTF" we have paved roads, underground utilities and 3/4 acres lots, and you think this is the country."
Me: in reality, Smile....
Neighbor lady: "Are they doing anything in your yard?"
Me: "Just crapping in the yard and digging holes."
Neighbor lady: Smirk....
Me: IN MY HEAD "You and the Clampetts are a trip lady"
Me: in reality, Smile - and I keep stacking up the brush

OK, that's it for the rants.



Dianne said...

I'm honored that my rants made it to the hood!!


and I love the conversation with neighbor lady. the voices in my head would love hanging out with the voices in your head ;)

Richard said...

I hope the phone is fixed for you now Dianne.

I have to be careful and not let the voices in my head come out through my mouth.

I enjoy your writing. Rants, Converstations with your Aunt Pat, or just talking about stuff; you do it well.