Friday, February 12, 2016



It seems I have become a cranky old man.  Or..... maybe I'm not handling all the stuff going on in my life very well. I went off on one of the new owners of our company's representatives a couple of weeks ago about parking in the disabled parking spots at my work.

We have  only two disabled spots and at least once a week there is some company truck or some jerk with no sticker parking in them. I end up having words with the drivers of these cars and it has gotten me into trouble.

I was called into a meeting with my new manager and told in no uncertain terms if it happened again I would be gone. 

I apologized to some of the people involved in the incident, but I still get "the look" from the guy on whom I vented.

Today, when we stopped for gas, some kid had his music blasting and I said something to him about that. The situation deteriorated from there and he left with his engine and music blasting as he cussed me out. I might have said a few profane things as well. I attempted to explain to him he was being a jerk, but he didn't see it that way. Oh well.

Vicki however was not pleased. She is convinced I will be shot or beat up if I continue to be so grumpy. She may be right. I have promised to do better and  try to chill out.

Only time will tell. I have no patience with bullshit lately and these days it seems to be more and more prevalent. Perhaps I am just getting old and things set me off more easily.

Regardless of the reason, I am committed to being more gentle in my dealings with others. I pray each night that I will avoid confrontations.

In the meantime, I have a month before I to back to my oncologist. I do have to see a specialist next week about an issue coming from side effects of chemo or more correctly a biologic that was given to me during my last round of chemo.

Vicki goes in for surgery the end of the month and we remain hopeful that will go well.

I was delighted tonight to grill some bratwurst and spend time in the backyard with a whiskey and a cigar. Life is pretty good even with its trials and tribulations.

Here's hoping your life is going well.



Jack E said...

You are not the only one!!! I find my tolerance of small things has left me. And sometime I skip over the big things.

Richard said...

We will just have to persevere