Friday, January 8, 2016

A week of Mishaps

It started Tuesday when I cleaned my cubicle. After having severe sneezing attacks for the  previous few days, I decided to clean out the dust bunnies behind my two monitors and the small computer tower. I was doing OK till I accidentally knocked over the computer tower while cleaning up the dust bunnies.

The computer worked fine for a while, but then crashed later that afternoon. Our IT guy looked it over and diagnosed the problem as a scratch on the hard drive from the tower being knocked over. The only solution was to replace the hard drive (all my desktop stuff was lost) and that took all of Tuesday and half of Wednesday. 

The worst was yet to come. Going to pickup Vicki at work on Wednesday afternoon my car was attacked by a piece of a large truck tire that split my front bumper, knocked out the passenger side foglight and broke some plastic cover plates under the front end and engine compartment.

I was able to get the car to a Geico appraiser on Thursday, though he had to look at the car in the rain. His first attempt at documenting the damage failed because his camera refused to work in the rain. I suggested we pull under a covered parking space and he did his thing. The result being an appraisal to replace the front bumper, the grill, some wiring and some other stuff on the front end. The total for the repairs was over $1500 and that's before the front bumper is removed to see if other damaged is found.

Since I already had an appointment to have some warranty work done on the car at the dealership I decided to let them do the repairs as well. 

So... I got the car in to the shop this morning and am awaiting a call from the body shop about the repairs. I am hoping to get a different grill with this repair. The stock grill is a little boring and they make a variety of aftermarket grills that are less money than the stock one. We'll see.

I'll be driving an arrest me red Dodge Challenger for the next few days. I am hopeful I can avoid being ticketed on the interstate till we get our car back. I like to run pretty fast on the I-10 in the mornings on the way to work.

Wish me luck,


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