Sunday, January 24, 2016

1st Week of spot Radiation

The actual name of the treatment is Steriotactic radiation, but I didn't want to put that in the title and have it confused with stereo components. The treatments this week were Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They give you a day off between them. The treatments are also pretty short, no longer than 30 minutes usually and very focused.

There are only two small masses in my lungs being treated and there will be 5 treatments per mass. It still remains a somewhat surreal experience though the machine and the noise it makes when radiating me is different from the first one.

I am not in chemo now so any side effects I am feeling are probably due to my body's reaction to the high level of radiation, intensely focused as it may be. I have been a little dizzy and tired this weekend along with some nausea. Otherwise OK.

We had our granddaughter Bailey with us this weekend which is always a great pleasure. We watched music videos, movies and ate Pizza. 

A very nice weekend indeed. 

Hope yours was as good.


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Jack E said...

Mine was not, as a long suffering Arizona Cardinal fan, I thought we had finally crossed the bridge only to find out when I got on the bridge they made us jump from the middle! Pretty insignificant compared to yours.