Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Good News about Bad News

I'm one of the worst procrastinators when it comes to medical tests.

So.... after 18 months of putting off something I never wanted to do, but really needed to do, I had a colonoscopy. I took Wednesday of last week off to take the prep and had the tests on Thursday. Since I have GERD, I also had an Endoscopy. The results were interesting and scary.

I found out I have a hiatal hernia in my esophagus, I have gall stones and I have Cancer.

That's the Bad News.

The Good News is that in spite of the seriousness of the cancer it is treatable. The oncologist says there's an 80% chance of success. I like those odds.The CAT scan I had Friday didn't show anything in my organs, so that's more good news.

Monday we will get the results of the biopsy. There are at least two different kinds of cancer that can occur in the area they found mine. Once we know, the oncologist will be able to prescribe the proper chemo. 

Due the size and potential stage of this cancer it will be treated with radiation and chemo in tandem. 

I have appointments with the radiation people, the surgeon and oncologists next week to finalize the treatment plan. I'll also need to get a PET scan as well. The radiation folks are picky about where they send their deadly beams.

By the following week I should start treatment. As it was explained to me on Friday it will be six weeks with radiation and chemo five days a week for that period. Then a month or so for healing and then maybe a surgery or not or two. There are some variables here according to the stage of the cancer, the type, my reaction to the treatment, the cancer's reaction and just plain luck.

I admit to spending one sleepless night contemplating my eminent demise before I met with the oncologist. Vicki and I were much relieved after our visit with him. If my radiation people and my surgeon are anything like my gastro and chemo guy then I am truly blessed. 

You see that's the really Good News about the Bad News.The doctors who are treating me really care. It is awesome to deal with folks that give a shit and who get it. 

What's your good news about your bad news?



Jack E said...

McMims, I answered this the other day. I guess I don't know how to get by your security.
Anyway, I talked to you, Love ya man!


Jack E said...

I think you told me you were going to start your treatments Wednesday.

You need to get your own Face Book page, I'm over there everyday. And it would be a good forum for you to communicate to family and friends.