Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Three weeks ago yesterday I was laying on an operating table with my chest split open, my heart stopped and my lungs deflated while a machine breathed and circulated my blood for me. A very skilled team of individuals was monitoring all this while an even more skilled individual grafted new arteries on to my three coronary arteries. The operation took 6 hours of which I spent a little more than one hour on the heart and lung machine. 

Three weeks ago today I woke up just after midnight and was overjoyed to be alive. Then came the pain and the realization that things had really changed. I had tubes sticking out of me from various places, a device that went into my heart for some unknown (to me) purpose and a variety of IVs, EKG leads and sundry other attachments of some sort of medical necessity. 

After a week in the hospital I was allowed to come home. My wife, Vicki, spent the first week taking care of me and last week I managed on my own. My Cardiologist says I'm making good progress and I see the surgeon this coming week to get all the staples and stitches left remaining in me removed. So ... Things seem good this Saturday afternoon, I've got the energy to write and the will to do it.

I hope all of you are blessed with as much good fortune as I have been.


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