Friday, May 1, 2009

Feckless Friday - Financial Follies Forever

I'm still recouping from last weekend's up country gamble-fest and weekend getaway birthday celebration.

The market has continued on it's merry way, finishing April up a record percentage on both the Dow Jones and the S&P 500. All this while the banks continue to look insolvent and have put off the results of the stress test for a few more days to get their stories straight and spin the numbers. Go figure.

Vicki and I enjoyed a great meal at a local Red Lobster on the actual night of her birthday this week. Many and varied Crustaceans were consumed along with tasty spirits. The meals were almost too big. Any more and I would have puked, which would have certainly been a buzz-kill for the establishment's ambiance and our evening.

We're relaxing this weekend with just one trip planned out to our oldest daughter's place for a midday mini-celebration on Sunday.

My Fecklessness this week has been concentrated on holding a position in a stock that I shouldn't, but continue to hold anyway out of conviction that the banks are big fat liars.

As an example of Ironic Fecklessness I leave you with the following story:

This week a Republican Senator by the name of Arlen Spector changed parties to join the Democrats. He was of course soundly verbally abused by his former party's spokesman, Rush (give me Oxy and a Hamburger with fries and shake) Limberger.

Here's the Ironic Fecklessness part; or perhaps it's Feckless Irony, you decide. Evidence points to Al Franken becoming the 60th Democratic Senator when the courts and Minnesota finally make up their minds.

Franken is the author of a very famous and aptly named book; Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot: and other Observations. Here is someone who will give as good as he takes in any dialogue, argument or flame throwing with the repulsive El-Rushbo.

I find it very ironic that these two individuals should be at the crux of politics at this time. Oh, and the Feckless part; Limberger sued Franken over the title when the book came out and lost. I guess it's not libel when it's true, huh?

Have a great weekend.


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