Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wordzzle 48 and the World teeters

Ten Word Challenge: snow and ice, vegetarian chili, pampered kitty, anthropology, do you own a home, coronation, you can change the world, hideous curtains, stammering, premonitions

Mini Challenge: Is there a doctor in the house, blowing in the breeze, shadows, comedian, sleeping disorder

If you still have it in you to participate or read the stories this week, then click on the link to the Raven's Nest. There you will find what it's all about and links to the other stories. Like I said; if you're up for it? Stay here and read this week's episode.

Oh, this weeks offering is: Chances

Laughlin's main street was Casino Drive. If you followed it south out of town along the river towards Needles it provided a very scenic ride and some awesome driving for the sports car enthusiast. Benny Alondro Carpetia, BA to his buddies, Benito to his Mom and Dad, and Mr. Carpetia to his employees at the Riverside Casino, was enjoying all the road had to offer and then some.

As he hit 120 mph in his Aston Martin V8 Vantage, his current pampered kitty, Eloise, was applying her talented lips to his engorged member. Thankfully he had opted for the paddle shifters on the steering wheel. This allowed him to continue the smooth shifting, hear the throttle rise and fall, as his companion du jour was literally blowing in the breeze. (Yes, some pun intended)

Even in winter the climate here assured him there would be no snow and ice to catch him out as he exited a turn, up-shifted and applied more throttle. He had made a left at the Needles Highway and was on the way to 160 when he came. Eloise, gagging and then swallowing, stammering a bit as well, sputtered out "Is there a doctor in the house?" "Cause I think I've been drowned." "Now you're a comedian too?" he laughed as she zipped him up.

BA backed off the accelerator as they neared Needles’ town limits. It would be safe for them to grab some late breakfast at the Dennys, which was not the normal hangout for the moneyed crowd of Laughlin. At 3:30 in the morning the place wouldn't be that busy anyway. Benny's sleeping disorder had made him a natural for night shift casino manager, he did fine on 3-4 hours a day. Though he was semi-connected, it wouldn't do to rub his infidelities in his wife's face. Her dad was totally connected and the general manager of the casino. So Dennys in Needles was about as fancy a place to which he could take his booty calls.

Usually he just nailed them in one of the outlying rooms, but tonight he wanted to drive. He parked the Aston Martin in the shadows. Eloise straightened her top, making sure her fine natural breasts were fully encased in her scanty top. The couple walked to the front door of the eatery without premonitions of any impending disaster. Benny thought about the only other woman he'd brought here. When he'd first hit town before he married Angelica, he had dated a local gal he'd met while house hunting. She'd been a great lay and a decent companion. He had been sorry to hear about her murder.

Benny and Eloise were led to booth with what Eloise told Benny was the most hideous curtains she'd ever seen. "What are you a frigging designer now?" he asked. "Do you own a home?" he continued. "Naw, I rent an apartment in Bullhead" she answered. "Well, when you do you can change the world you create and have anything you want on your windows, but right now, let's just order, OK?" he finished. "Sure BA, I hear ya, you got your rocks off and now you're hungry." "At least you just don't roll over and go to sleep" Eloise countered. "Pretty frigging stupid to nod off at 160 baby; that ain't gonna happen" BA added.

The waitress took their orders. Eloise had asked for vegetarian chili, but Dennys didn't offer it. Eloise explained to BA that it made her toot less. She went on to explain that she'd had a very bad experience in anthropology class in college. She had eaten Chile for lunch and had contracted the walking farts as she entered the classroom. The worst part was that she had been late and everyone had been watching here as she tooted her way to her seat. The experience had made her literally fartophobic.

Benny did the best to keep a straight face while she earnestly told him this intimate detail. That was probably why he didn't notice the 18 wheeler that had missed the corner and entered the parking lot at high speed. The driver did his best to miss any cars and steered toward the most deserted part of the parking lot as he attempted to slow the mechanical leviathan down. Unfortunately he didn't see the dark metallic shape till too late. Like an expert pool player he banked the Aston Martin off a Mustang right into the restaurant. The sleek British sports car shot straight into the booth occupied by BA and Eloise.

There would be no eventual coronation of Benito Alondro Carpetia as head of his family or even as general manager of the Riverside. His sleeping disorder had proved fatal after all.

Captain Jenkins got the call at 4:25 in the morning. One of his city’s bigwigs was killed with a woman in the Dennys in Needles and the lady wasn’t his wife. It was going to be a long day.



Alice said...

That was some interesting writing, Richard. I can see this is not a 'family friendly' type blog. I was a bit surprised with the ending, I thought they'd get caught, not killed.

Akelamalu said...

That was a bit 'racy' Rich and I'm not talking about the Aston Martin! Oh an 'Fartophobic' just made me howl with laughter! :)

Great stuff.

bettygram said...

I like Alice thought they would get caught. The story made an 'R' rated video in my mind.

Dr.John said...

You certainly had fun with those words. You hauled us in then killed all the main characters. Didn't expect that ending.

Melli said...

RICH! I'm BLUSHING! But I admit, you held me.... I really thought they were busted! Turned out they were dusted... Well done!

Raven said...

X-rated wordzzle today, but entertaining. I loved the fartophobic part and am wondering how these characters tie into the greater mystery of your second wordzzle mystery novel.

Dianne said...

dusted, not busted - melli made me laugh!

I love fartophobic

and I loved the blow by blow driving sequence ;)

Finding Pam said...

You certainly captured the character BA. Eloise had a mouthful of mob didn't she?

You pulled me in and then bam! I loved the ending.

Anonymous said...

Karma! I love it. Like everyone else I was expecting an enraged wife, or FIL. You gotta know I like the truck better. What fun!

Richard said...

Alice: I attempted to handle the subject of Mafiaso type sexual activity with kid gloves. Sorry if it was too much.

Akelamalu: Again my apologies to the sensibilities of the tender young things, such as you my dear Wahani.

Bettgram: I can live with an "R" ratining.

Dr John: Thank you sir.

Melli: You look adorable when you blush.

Raven: According to previous comments this was only "R" rated. Sometimes even a death plays a part in the plot.

Dianne: I am smiling while writing this.

Finding Pam: Thanks for the compliment about BA

quilldancer: A fan of car wrecks as opposed to awkward divorces I see.

Thankns to everyone for reading and commenting this week.


Anonymous said...

This was "nasty" but good. I told my husband these words and he said his story would be if he ate that vegitarian chili, he would change the world by farting too much. I ignored his idea about the words.

holly said...

i like the 'pampered kitty' car. my car is more of a kicked puppy.

when i woke up this morning, i did not even remotely think i might be reading the phrase 'walking farts'. but now i giggle - particularly at 'fartophobic'. but i fear i am now encouraging you.

i really enjoyed this. and not just because tom and jerry was playing in the background - i hate tom and jerry. so it was a nice distraction from my children's torture.

Richard said...

Connieemaraldeyes and holly: Thanks, I think. Welcome to Wordzzle.


gabrielle said...

Quite a turbo charged ride.
Loved the paddle shifters. I guess you could call this model fully loaded.

Who knew that an Austin V8 could become a WMD!!!
I'd rather have mine on the rocks, thank you.