Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wordzzle 46 again

This all comes from the Raven's Nest. Stop by and she'll fill you in. You can get links to all the other stories too.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge: tuna on rye, ghost hunters, I'm as corny as Kansas in August, sympathetic ear, science fiction, muffler, cavernous, giraffes, prospecting, paraphernalia

Mini Challenge: Key Lime Pie, porcupine, Library of Congress, fingernails, spell-bound

Again I find myself without a proper entry for this week's Wordzzle. Instead, I've spent my week watching the stock market tumble, eating tuna on rye for lunch and catching the occasional science fiction movie on cable. While not exactly spellbound by the cable fare I was at least entertained. I don't expect a sympathetic ear for my laziness and sloth; I know that would make me as corny as Kansas in August. You'd think I was a purveyor of key lime pie or porcupine casserole or filet des' Giraffes or something.

Anywho........ Things just didn't happen for me this week in the writing department. So I will not have an offering worthy of the Library of Congress (and remember even cheesy porn novels end up there) nor will you be spellbound by the plot of this entry. No ghost hunters, no fingernails scratching on the blackboard of your mind and no killers prospecting for their next victim. Sorry!

Instead, only this simple missive, in lieu of my sometimes cavernous offerings. There will be no paraphernalia, no getaway car with a bad muffler and no forensic evidence this week.

See ya next week



Dr.John said...

Well you used all the words and it was interesting. What more can we ask?

bettygram said...

Well that was a good job for not doing the job.

Jeff B said...

There were many things we didn't get, but we did manage to get an entertaining Wordzzle.

Jay Simser said...

I loved it. - Such a fun way to use the words.

Richard said...

Dr. John Thanks, I will get serious next week. I think.

bettygram: I am great at doing absolutely nothing.

Jeff B: Thanks, I promise to do better next week.

Jay Simser: Thanks Jay


Lu' said...

That is a pretty good non story to me :)

Akelamalu said...

This is a truly novel way to use the words LOL

Dianne said...

Is this kinda like the "Un-Wordzzle" ?

I really enjoyed it

Finding Pam said...

For someone with nothing to say this week, I think you did a great job. It must be nice to have words flow so easy. Thank you for stoppig by and commenting at my blog.

Raven said...

Ah, well done, even if there was no new chapter to your new (2nd) wordzzle novel. I'm finding it interesting as I try to catch up on wordzzles that almost everyone so far has chosen to cook the poor porcupines. Makes me think the little guys had better keep a low profile.

I liked your Bush/Obama post too. Oh, what a glorious day today has been! Bush is gone, Obama is in and I can see cyber space again.