Friday, June 16, 2017

Well Hell, I Flunked Again

You can tell from the post title that my platelet count is still not high enough.

That's the bad news. The good news is that it went from 82,000 to 95,000. It needs to be 100,000 to pass the test and meet the criteria for the trial. My Clinical Trial Coordinator and my Oncologist at Mayo think it will be good by next Monday.

Because I can't go Tuesday the 20th for a scan (Vicki has an MRI that day) I will go back to the Phoenix Mayo clinic on Monday the 19th for Lab Work and then out to Scottsdale in the afternoon for a scan. It will be another all day affair. Appointments at the Phoenix facility all morning and a late scan (3:45 PM) at Scottsdale. I won't actually get the scan till close to 5 because they give you a bottle of icky stuff to drink for an hour prior to the scan. 

My Coordinator told me that if all goes well I will be able to join the Trial on Thursday of next week. Now I just have to get the nausea medication out of medicare and it'll all be good. I received a call from them today and they denied the drug under my part "D" but approved it under my part "B". I am going by the Walgreens here in Sun Lakes tomorrow to talk to the pharmacist again and see it has gotten down to them yet. 

Vicki's MRI on Tuesday is about her shoulder. She may need surgery for a rotator cuff injury. We hope we can find out and get her shoulder fixed.

It's been so hot that I've held off on working on the RV. We'll see if we can get some work done on it in the next week or two. Now that the RV specialist I hired has finished his part, it's up to us to finish the carpentry and painting that remains. I also have a little plumbing to do in the bathroom as well. We bought a new bathroom sink which I got installed when we moved the shower faucet, but the new RV toilet is still sitting in my living room. I guess that's better than appliances on the front porch like back in Alabama, but I still feel like it's the redneck in me coming back.

That's all the news that's fit to print with one exception. Our middle daughter and her family are moving back to Oklahoma on the 22nd. Vicki is miserable about this, but the kids have a son who is going to be a freshman at OU this fall and they want to be there with him. My son in law and he are both big OU fans.They will live in Norman to be close to our grandson, plus they really like the small town life better than here in Phoenix. 

I want them to be happy and will miss Jamie (my middle daughter) like hell but I think it's the best for them. We will make Norman, OK one of our first stops when we get the RV finished.

Try to stay cool this coming week and be careful out there,



Jack E said...

Well McMims, sounds like we are in the stage of our life where we are at the mercy of what ever company finally gives in and accepts or rejects us. I swear, I worked my whole life and paid my insurance fees so I wouldn't have to go through this but the fact that our lives are literally in the hands of other people is pretty scary. Ugh. I'm afraid to retire and get into the medicare/medicaid system.

Richard said...

I hear ya; however you might end up being better off with medicare than private insurance if the insurance companies get their way. You could be looking at higher rates when you no longer work and not covered for pre-existing conditions. At least Medicare hasn't taken that away yet.

By the way I finally did get my nausea medication approved under a different part of medicare (Part B) they paid for the Brand name not the generic and there was no copay. Go Figure. Now if I could just get my platelet count up to par I could join the trial. I failed another blood test today and have to go back Friday and try again.