Friday, June 9, 2017

I Flunked My Tests

I went in to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix on Thursday of this week for tests needed prior to my joining the Clinical Trial for Stivarga. The day was to be filled with interviews with the Trial Coordinators, signing consent forms and a series of basic lab tests along with an EKG and a Cat Scan.

They give you the lab tests in the morning in order to determine if the condition of your blood meets the trial's criteria. Mine did not. My platelet count was too low. I flunked. Luckily I get to retake this test. We canceled the scan till my platelets get better. They made an appointment for me to go in to the San Tan Mayo facility on Wednesday of next week for just blood work. If I pass this time I will then go to the Scottsdale Mayo clinic the next day for a scan. 

The coordinators seem anxious to get me in the trial. Everybody I've dealt with at Mayo has been great. The place seems like a first class operation and the people as well. From my nurse to the lab tech and the EKG tech to the doctors and admin folks, they have all been great. I am hopeful the drug and the results will be as good.

There is good news this week as well. Vicki is feeling better. We went out to our oldest daughter's salon today and got our hair cut. So if nothing else, we look sharp.

I am still having problems with my Part D medicare getting the anti-nausea drug I need while in the trial. This particular drug is the only thing I've used that worked during the last 3 years of my treatment. When we had private insurance it was no problem, now it is seemingly unattainable through medicare. I am very disappointed with medicare so far.

Perhaps I'll bring our RV to the house this weekend and get some work done on it. That would cheer me up tremendously. 

Have a great weekend,



Jack E said...

Hey man, I flunk almost every test I take. Don't give up. Sometime when you are doing the test in the Scottsdale unit, give us a call and Nancy and I could meet you somewhere for a burger or something.

I don't know if you knew Bob Meador - he was our shop foreman/plant manager. he got killed in a motorcycle accident.

Man are we upside down in the plant, he knew where everything was in the plant and the inner workings of receiving etc, big loss and pretty young. Another biker that would go around bitching that the state had no right to make legislation about helmets and he slammed his noggin against the curb. I guess we all have our own bitches and sometimes there are laws that could protect us, might have saved his life, might......

Richard said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. I had a bad accident on a motorcycle when I was 17. I wasn't wearing a helmet as well. Lots of scrapes, fractured ribs and a concussion.

When I go my Triumph 650 years later, I wore a helmet.

As to my Cat Scan; If my blood work is good tomorrow, I might have a Cat Scan on Thursday. They usually schedule them in the afternoon I'm told.