Sunday, November 8, 2015

I take the 5th

I had my 5th chemo in this round of treatment  yesterday. I am handling the chemo better this time around than on the previous two rounds. There is still nausea and a couple of other minor side effects, but I keep them under control with meds. 

My biggest concern right now is my wife Vicki's health. She has been sick with nausea since Thursday. We think it may be stress related.  She's been through a tough year. Her Mom died on Christmas Eve last year and her Dad passed seven months later. In addition she has her last MRI coming up. This one is for her 5th year checkup. If her MRI is clean she will officially be cured of her cancer. Her work place moved a couple of months ago to a more difficult commute and a huge warehouse like space with 3,000 people in one open floor plan. And of course my treatment is more than half way into it's second year. I don't doubt I am getting to be a drag.

So... I am hoping that the treatment I am taking is killing my cancer. I also hope that we can determine what's going with Vicki and how to fix it.

The weather is beautiful this weekend. We are blessed to live in Phoenix in the winter.

Hope have a great weekend.



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