Friday, July 3, 2015

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans. That's all of them. The immigrants, the newly wed gay couples, the old school Hetros, the tall and short, white and black, brown, red, and even orange.( We don't want to leave out John Boehner) The Rednecks and Yankees, the farmers and businessmen, the hunters and the tree huggers, the soldier and the peace corps volunteer. The city dweller and the suburbanite, the Uber driver and the Taxi Driver, the cat people and the dog people, the folks that like the toilet paper to roll off the bottom, the folks that must have it roll off the top and those that don't give a damn.

Our big, beautiful country is so diverse and so different, yet alike in one thing for sure. We all value our freedom and independence. True, some much more than others. There are passionate Tea Partiers and liberal big government wonks as well.

I hope that on this day when you are gulping down beer, tea, soft drinks or whatever while devouring burgers, hot dogs and all the delicious accessories, that you'll take just a minute to appreciate how lucky we are. No doubt this country has a shitload of problems , but we've got a lot of great people working on them. 

So watch the fireworks, eat and drink till you've had your fill and remember how special we are to have this day and this country.


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