Monday, April 13, 2015


I am still waiting today to hear from the scheduler at the cancer center for my scan date. 

The weekend was tough with lots of exhaustion and some minor side effects. I want this to be over.

I am hanging in because I know eventually it will end. It can't come soon enough.

Wish me luck,



Jack E said...

I am dude! Spent the night at the hospital with my dad. He has had a terrible cough for a week and a half, went to a clinic and they told him to go straight to the hospital, scared the crap out of him and all of us, we went over to emergency, they did some xrays and EKG and a couple other things gave him some prednisone and a prescription and sent us home, scared us but felt relief after it was over. It was the first time he had seen a doctor since 2011, not bad for 87 years old. I feel embarrassed I have to go for check ups every quarter.
Keep your faith up brother!

Richard said...

Hope everything works out OK for your Dad, McPhlegger.