Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Since my visit to the ER this Sunday before last my schedule and dosage for chemo has been changed to allow me to come back in to the chemo room at the cancer center during the week if I need help handling side effects. They can administer the fluids and anti-nausea drugs much easier than the ER folks.

So... I now go for labs on Monday and have chemo on Tuesdays. Yesterday was my 7th chemo of this second round. This was a long chemo with all the drugs that give me bad side effects. They lowered the dosage and gave me some extra pills to fight the nausea and so far it seems to be working.

The test will be in the next few days. If I can control the side effects and function somewhat normally then it will have been a success.

I am hopeful to get a chance for a Scan after treatment #9 to see if we need to go further with the treatments. Wish me luck.

Still hanging in,


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