Friday, January 16, 2015

New Year, New Gear,& Randomness

Thursday the 14th I had a port put in my upper left chest for the coming chemo treatments. The procedure was done at Chandler Regional Hospital by the same doctor that has performed my last 2 operations. The surgery went well and I was back home by 1:30 or so. I had something to eat, took some pain medication, and crashed till around 5 or 6. 

Vicki made beef soup for dinner and I even had some dessert. I need to get my appetite back and gain some weight. When they weighed me at the hospital on Thursday I was down to 151. I start Chemo next Friday.

So that's my new gear for the new year.

Concerning randomness.....

Did you know an easy way to feel instantly better about yourself is to watch the People's Court or Judge Judy. When you hear some of the stuff these folks come to court about you just know you're smarter than them. (cause they were dumb enough to air their petty grievances on national TV) 

OK, OK, yea I know I am a 65 year old white man with cancer. I get that. And I know that after a very aggressive round of radiation and chemo and pretty serious surgery I am still going to have to take more chemo for the next few months. With all that said, one episode of Judge Judy and I don't feel so bad about my situation. Don't hate me for these guilty pleasures, at least I haven't sunk so low as to watch Jerry Springer.

On the way to the hospital on Thursday morning we were forced to detour off Alma School at the sports complex just north of the Safeway. A big construction truck had T-boned a small car at the intersection. Judging from  the wreckage that remained it did not look like the driver could have survived. Life is precious and it can be gone in a flash. We should cherish every moment and live in that moment as much as possible.

It turns out Hollywood may be more racist than your average American worker. At least that's what the critics are saying about why the Oscar Nominees are all white this year. I hope I never feel the need to look to Hollywood for advice on how to live. Their movies mostly show us what not to do anyway. (Whether the writers, actors, directors, etc, intended it or not) Yet I still love movies.

When watching the media's  coverage of the shootings in Europe I get the feeling like I'm living in the Matrix. Like all the stuff that comes out of some anchor man's or woman's mouth is just melodrama doled out to the masses. I'm pretty sure I'm mistaken, but I still believe a healthy skepticism is in order when watching what we call news today.

It feels like my pain meds are wearing off, so I'm done for this week. I hope I'm doing good enough tomorrow to have a whiskey and a cigar. It may be the last one for several months.

Stay Cool,

Oh, and I'm thinking about naming my port. Not Portsmith, or the Port of New Orleans, or Import or Export, no none of those. Something more along the lines of Excelsior or Entrance, or Burl. Let me know if you have any ideas. 



Jack E said...

I'm with you man, all the way!

Richard said...

Thanks Jack