Sunday, September 28, 2014

When Monkeys flew out my butt

OK, so no actual monkeys flew out of my butt, though on a couple of days this last week it did feel that way.  

The chemo and radiation is intense, aggressive, and cumulative. This last week I received some new side effects. The bottoms of my feet hurt, like someone had beaten them. I awoke Saturday morning feeling like I'd been in a fight in which I was repeatedly hit in the family jewels and the area directly north of my family jewels was a nice rosy red from the radiation. The nausea continues unabated. All in all just another regular week for a cancer patient. 

I am not complaining as much as reporting. My oncologists tell me some of their patients have it much worse. I believe them. I remain is survival mode, taking it hour by hour. 

The good news in all of this is that I am in the single digits for the number of remaining treatments. That number is 7. 

I am hanging in.



Ant said...

Get better and get back soon. The old people jokes have stopped and my work day is now dull....


Jack E said...


Jack E said...

I think i figured out how to log onto this thing!