Sunday, May 15, 2011

News and othe stuff

Well, by now we've all had a chance to digest the demise of Bin Laden. It is certainly good news that the mass murderer is gone. One can only wonder why it took the supposedly most powerful nation on earth a full ten years to find and kill him. It would seem that good intelligence work and highly trained special operatives proved much more successful than launching 2 unnecessary foreign wars and wasting countless lives and billions of dollars in fruitless nation building.

While the military industrial complex and the financiers of their efforts have prospered the rest of our country and the world have not fared so well. Millions still remain unemployed, the economy remains fragile with looming commodity price increases. (The speculation on oil and the rising price of gold are sure signs of a lack of faith in the US dollar and its economy)

Meanwhile our republican congress wants to balance the budget on the backs of the poor, elderly and mostly powerless majority of our citizens. How these dimwits can ignore the inequity of tax breaks to wealthy individuals and even wealthier corporations at the same time they strive to literally limit the life span and life style of the middle and lowers classes is beyond belief. Only in this country is greed and avarice considered an asset and not a vice.

Perhaps the money grubbers can be stopped, but it does not look good at this point.

On a more personal note, our family is experiencing some good news for a change. Vicki is going back to work after her last test showed no signs of her cancer. We will be getting an update on her MRI from this last week as well, and hope it will also show no signs of cancer.

Of course we had to go car shopping for her and we managed to find something she liked that we could afford, so that's great news as well. We'll be picking up her wheels the first part of next week and the following Monday she reports to work at her new job. She'll be traveling the 101 from Chandler to Tempe so we got her a more modern and bigger vehicle than our 08 Honda civic.

Also, we attended a friends graduation a couple of weeks ago at the Cardinals stadium in Glendale. It was our first and perhaps our last visit to the place. We don't go to games and don't have any other friends or relatives going to the University of Phoenix.

Both of us are looking forward to a better 2011 than 2010.

That's all the time I have today, it's time to throw some ribs on the grill.

Keep smiling,



Jack E said...

McMim's sound good about Vicki. Wish you could get off the kick that you believe you have some kind of right to take money from someone that has earned it. Because as sure as you are that their money belongs to the government I'm firmly convinced that that money belongs to the person that earned it. I guess we will always have totally opposing views on that.
My only issue with you right now is I am wondering when we will be able to schedule a "T" time!

Again Love to your better half and prayers to you to get your head turned around.


Richard said...

McPhleger, I wish I could smoke what you're smoking. If you truly believe that the financial scoundrels that dumped our economy "earned it" then you are truly smoking the good stuff.

Someday, somehow, some of these egomaniacs are going to go to jail; if there is any justice. "If" that should happen there will still be millions of our citizens much worse off financially that will never get their money back.

Think what you will, but what I've learned and observed about how this country has been swindled is real.

We are all (with the exception of the top 1%) worse off financially and lifestyle wise than back in the 70s due to the predation of the financial oligarchy. The statics show that.

It's OK if you chose to remain blind to reality, but don't condemn those that see it for what it is.

Regardless of your Pollyanna views on our political and economic status I still love ya man.

Looking forward to swinging a club with you again as well.


Jack E said...

I don't know why but I still hold out hope for you