Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cancer Free !!!

Vicki met with her chemo doctor on Thursday of this last week and received the results of her PET scan. The results could not have been better. She is cancer free. The rigorous and intensive radiation and chemotherapy treatment regimen, along with the prayers of our support group have done their job.

The chemo doctor congratulated Vicki on going through a rough treatment schedule and told her she should give herself a pat on the back. I join the doctor in these sentiments. Vicki's attitude has been the key to her successful treatment in my opinion. While no cancer patient can completely escape thoughts about the potential consequences of the disease, Vicki kept her eye on positive actions for her treatment and allowed herself to be supported by friends, family and neighbors.

We were blessed with a terrific support system. Our two oldest daughters played key roles in Vicki's treatment travel scheduling and moral building. Other family members and friends chipped in as well and there was never a lack of people willing and able to help with transportation to treatments, companionship and just being there for her.

I have never been prouder of my daughters than during this time and my oldest daughter continues to amaze me with her warmth, love and support. It is a very rewarding experience for a parent to realize his daughter has become such a fully formed and vibrant adult friend, companion and partner in this time of life and death decisions.

As I look back on the very first day we learned of Vicki's cancer during her initial operation I recall the family members present that day and know now that I should never have worried about support from these folks.

I cannot thank
enough all those who kept Vicki in their thoughts and prayers these last months.

Never the less, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts.

God Bless you all,


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Jack E said...

McMims - It was great to get this news. I know Vicki has to be the most relieved, but I could really hear it in your voice. Nancy has lived through this with her mom for the past 4-5 years, two lung surgeries countless doctors office visits, test.......... wait......... test....... wait........more test. it is really wearing on every one.

But in the long run, the attitude is what really helps more than anything. She (Nancy) really wishes her mom was one of the people that has a positive outlook like Vicki. Granny has escaped twice and she complains about anything she can.

Spread the LOVE,