Monday, August 16, 2010

Of Work and Play

Working for the man in the 2010's is a different gig than it was in the 60s and 70s. For one thing the "man" is just as likely to be the "woman" and for another the "man" may well not be human at all. I have the great pleasure (insert snarky tone here) to have both things going for me. My immediate supervisor is ostensibly a nice young woman 30 years of age, but in actuality I work for a computer. It tells me when to start, when I can take a break and when I can go home. If I have a temper tantrum at not being able to sign out for break(old man needed to Pee) and happen to drop oh let's say a dozen calls, it rats me out to some pernicious little weenie in the home office that tracks me down, writes me up and gets me fined a week's worth of commission. Ain't corporate life in post recession awesome?

Now to be clear on this I do not object to working for a woman, but I would at least like her to be older than my own children. Seriously, it's like working for your kids here. Secondly if you have to work for a computer then make the thing smarter, faster and more helpful.

Recently a corporate weenie decided a call I answered took too long and wasn't focused enough on auto glass, even though the customer's question was something entirely different. Again there was a write up and another attempt to fine me a week's commission, but this time I objected. We had a meeting with another supervisor up the line, listened to the call and had the warning (a final written one) voided. All this during the week I was the number 5 salesperson (by commission paid that week) in the telephone sales department. There are about 900 people in my position.

I took the opportunity during the last meeting to encourage the management (read people my kids age) to be more positive and uplifting to the employees. We fire or someone quits here almost every day. The turnover is incredible, really outrageous, but due to the economy there is a fresh group every week or two.


Play this weekend consisted of chilling out. My wife had a couple of grandkid's parties to attend and I was still bushed from our trip last weekend. During that weekend we spent the night in the hotel at the Apache Gold Casino in Globe, the next day traveled to Pine Top and then came back Sunday through Payson. The total miles covered during this circuit was 454. Loved the trip with the exception of the new photo speed trap at the entrance to Show Low coming in the main highway. The damned thing flashed me and I await an overpriced ticket in the mail. So this weekend was used for rest and relaxation.

I did watch the Cards win on Saturday. The game started in old style Cardinals fashion, but in the last quarter they pulled in out. I wouldn't have thought to watch, but the young lady who sits next to me at work is the girlfriend of one of the players. Having a personal connection made it more interesting. She is a great young woman and not the kind you'd expect as an NFL players sweetheart. She is shy, hardworking (going to school full time to finish a graduate degree, teaching soldiers in the National Guard on Weekend duty and working 30 hours a week as well). She has impressed me with her independence, drive, and fortitude. Yet the small minds that make up our management at work have failed her miserably. She needs a Monday-Friday schedule starting in September to allow her to perform her national guard duties more fully and they have managed to botch up the effort. It looks like she will find other employment. At that point my personal connection to the cards may evaporate.
Well at least I watched one game.

Things are much the same and then not like anything or any time before. Life goes by faster now and leaves a little less to remember it by. I suppose when fall finally gets here and we can emerge from our air conditioned cocoons I'll cheer up.


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Jack E said...

McMims - good to see the post and it looks like you are playing mind games with the man (woman). Nancy says she sent you an e-mail but it came back. I had another bout with the ulcer. Was in ICU for 6 days, took 14 units of blood, then had to get an additional 2 units a week later, and missed a month of work, just went to the office for 3 hours today and will start back on a limited basis. My counts are all looking good now so I will just have to work my way back slowly.