Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wordzzle 68

Even if it takes two weeks, 14 days or whatever; go by the Raven's Nest and say "Hello" to the mistress of missives, the queen of quotes; yes you know who I'm talking about, the Wunderkind of Wordzzle, Raven.

The Ten Word Challenge: sow, close, console, lives, minute, polish, bass, pussy, complex, resume

For the mini challenge: bow, sewer, house, import, intern

This Week's Episode: Ships passing in the night

Charlotte contacted inspector Guy De Leschampes of the Cayenne Capitol police. She had met him and his wife Cherisse at a charity dinner where she'd been honored for her contribution to the homeless and orphans of the city. She'd been careful to sow the seeds of her reputation as a wealthy and generous socialite and minor royalty.

The locals had been ecstatic at her gift of a modest house for the city's use as a temporary shelter for abused wives and children. In every aspect of Charlotte's subtle but pervasive local PR she had done her best to actually have a positive effect on the local's lives. Her name had been mentioned in the minutes of many charitable foundations in the capitol, adding more polish and substance to her complex social resume with each new donation, benefit or ball.

At the same time, she'd made sure to keep her baser instincts in check. There would be no lovely female body found in the sewer with a mutilated and abused pussy to bring any unwanted attention to her local. She remembered the crude saying that Charles had told her: "You don't get your meat where you eat." Instead, she would have to console herself with other ventures and bow to the necessity of redirecting the investigation away from herself.

After using her maid to go through the inspector's new secretary, an intern really; a luncheon date was made to discuss the issue. Charlotte knew the inspector's love of Sea Bass would help in broaching the delicate subject matter and allow her to get all the needed information to execute the next step in her plan.

In addition, the restaurant's fine wine list, which included quality imports from the home country, would help her close the deal as the meal went forth.

That being done, the car was brought around and she decided to drive herself the short distance to the eatery. Her 2006 Jaguar XK-8 convertible in custom Burgundy Red with camel leather interior was familiar to the locals by now. She exited the estate and rode with the top down into town. As she passed a new Hyundai Genesis sedan going in the other direction, she couldn't help but think she recognized the driver. But from where? Like most of us, it would take her till after lunch to figure out the answer. First she had to work on Guy.

Martin had been lucky to get such a nice car for the drive down the coast into Brazil. It seemed like a good idea to him to keep on the move for the time being. He noticed the redhead in the convertible, but didn't think anything of it till he had crossed French Guiana's southern border. Once again lady luck had helped him out. He didn't start shaking till he went up to his room that night in Macapa, a town at the mouth of the Amazon River. It was his intention to head into the vast interior and stay there for an extended period.

He had not allowed for his having jumped from the frying pan to the fire. How had the sullen and angry women found him, or had she? Had he by some impossible coincidence found her instead? Before he made his way upcountry he would have to look into the identity of the woman.



quilldancer said...

I think it would be in Martin's best interest to run fast and far! Or wasn't one near brush with death enough for him?

CJ said...

I'm enjoying this ongoing story. I lived in Brazil for two years, teaching in the hinterland where there was no electricity nor running water. I could give Martin a few tips on where to hide.

Akelamalu said...

Oh great writing as always Rich! I just wasn't inspired by the words at all and there's no way I could come up to your standard even it I was!

the watercats said...

Nice writing! I forgot it was a wordzzle! Your characters have me hooked.. cheers for sharing!

Dr.John said...

That6 darn woman might escape again.You are such a good writer that I am getting as upset with you as thye writers of my favorite soap and for the same reason. I(t is time to catch that woman. It is.

Raven said...

Martin seems to have a sort of "lucky bad luck" attached to him. I predict he will be Charlotte's undoing. I hope. As always, I visit with eager anticipation and leave waiting for next weeks chapter.

Glad Arizona is treating you so well and that you are enjoying life out there. I'm glad you tell your wife you love her on a regular basis. With the exception of lost souls like my mother, I don't think there are many of us in this world who can hear it too often. It's a good thing to hear.

gabrielle said...

Clever girl, Charlotte. Masterfully executed, as always. Guy de le Champs sounds like a lovely bottle of Burgundy.

A fortnight for Raven!!! Here, here!!!!

Stephen said...

It appears she has the local situation pretty much taken care of, barring some outside intrusions. Some outside intrusions may come, though. It looks like Martin got away again, too, at least for now, but if she remembers who he is, he could be in trouble. Especially if she thinks he is tracking her. It wsa a good episode of the story.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

bettygram said...

I hope Martin does not let himself get trapped. This woman needs to come to justice.

Richard said...

Quilly: Martin's just doing some CYA

CJ: I'll try not to mangle the geography.

Akelamalu: Thanks

Watercats: These characters have me hooked as well

Dr. John: One never knows

Raven: Someone will certainly be someone's undoing

Gabrielle: From one wino's mouth to another's ears my dear

Stephen: Martin and Charlotte are free radicals

Betty: Martin has matured considerably since his first encounter with Charlotte.

Richard said...

Oops; forgot to say Thank You to all those that came by and read this week.