Saturday, September 6, 2008

29 and Counting; Wordzzle Wonders

This week's ten word challenge is: invincible, falling leaves, two-year-old, fusion, grizzly bear, Jamaica, delivery, popsicle stick, caviar, lap-top
And for the Mini Challenge: toad stool, liquid lunch, counting sheep, manacles, Jurassic Park

Please drop by the Raven's Nest, check in with Raven, read her stories, make a comment, get on her Mister Linky if you wrote a story and then cruise the other offerings.

Here we just do the mega, cause I'm lazy. The story continues from week to week and the characters use the week's wordzzle words.

This weeks offering: The note

Things were happening fast in the McCool household. As soon as Thomas and Jean got back from a few days in Jamaica their house sold. Just like that they were homeless. Both had tired of the eastern life style and their two-year-old house had proven too big for just the two of them.

In the day's mail was a special delivery letter addressed to Thomas. Inside was a short note from someone claiming to have information about the "Alley Cat Murders". How anyone would have known he was consulting on the case was another matter. Jean came into the kitchen waving a popsicle stick and asked if McCool would care to share a strawberry popsicle. He demurred and countered that since the house was sold perhaps they should celebrate with a liquid lunch.

McCool cracked open his laptop and e-mailed Sgt Johnson about the note. It specifically asked for McCool and McCool alone. Why was that he wondered? At his age he no longer felt invincible and had serious concerns when dealing with violent criminals and their cronies.

"Champagne and caviar might tempt me" Jean murmured after a bit. "What's that you're mumbling?" he asked sharply. "Nothing you old grizzly bear" she retorted. "Sorry baby, I didn't mean to snap at you" Thomas apologized. "It's just the case and the house selling and jet lag from the trip make for a frustrating fusion of things I can't control.“
“Are you going to tell me about the letter?" she inquired. "It's from someone who says they have info on the case" he replied.

Thomas glanced out the breakfast nook window at the early falling leaves and said a thank you to God that he wouldn't have to rake them this year. At times the property had felt like Jurassic Park in a similarly primeval way. He'd spent days chopping vines and kudzu back to open up the woods. At one point he'd found a toad stool in his little wood the size of a paint can. The thing was enormous and probably poisonous too he had thought.

"And what does the letter say dear?" Jean insisted. "Don't make me put the manacles on you again Mrs. Noseyheimer" he joked. "You know I shouldn't discuss the case with civilians." "Shove it McCool, what's it say?" She shot back.

"Just that instead of counting sheep to put ourselves to sleep, we ought to be counting bogus clues; that's all" he finally answered.
"Well that could be a very interesting interview then couldn't it?" Jean stated happily.

"Not necessarily" McCool replied. "Not if it's from who I think it's from" he said softly.


Melli said...

I think you write this stuff and THEN give her the words and she gives us the list! ROFL! You just make it all FIT so PERFECTLY! I really enjoyed these two character's personalities too!

Raven said...

LOL... I like melli's comment. This was brilliant. I must say that even as I'm curious to find out "who did it," I'm enjoying the journey of discovery so much that I hope we don't find out for a long time. And SERIOUSLY, I think you have a book here.

Akelamalu said...

ROFL at Melli's comment! I agree with here wholeheartedly.

You're a genius!

Anndi said...

That was amazing! I'm completely enthralled.

I am humbled Sir.

Richard said...

melli: Thanks so much for your kind words.

raven: In my head it's a book, on paper it's just my weekly offerings.

akelamalu: I guess I'm a dunce. I do not have a clue what ROFL stands for. But thanks anyway.

anndi; Thanks and welcome to Wordzzle.


Dianne said...

I LOVE melli's comment

McCool's whisper at the end is very ominous. and I loved Mrs. Noseyheimer lol

it must have felt great for McCool to sell the house but it's still not easy now is it!? :)

Chatty said...

Oh, this is wonderful. I am new to Wordzzle, and just love the idea of a continuing story. My favorite paragraph this week was watching falling leaves, thanking God one didn't have to rake them, and finding a toadstool the size of a paint can.
Beautiful stuff, but then, you ARE a professional, aren't you? We get to hold you to a higher standard ; )
Now, I'm going to have to go back and read your entire story from inception.
And, thank you for your kind words about my first Wordzzle effort.

Richard said...

Dianne, truth is stranger than fiction. Today our house sold after less than 30 days on the market and we have to be out by the end of September. How about that for strange, huh? Maybe McCool will win the lottery next!a

Chatty: thanks for your kind words and praise. My writing has earned me just over $62 to date, so I can't call myself a pro. Again, welcome to the world of wordzzle.

Thanks to all who came by and read this week.


Akelamalu said...

Sorry Rich ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing!

Richard said...

akelamalu: Thanks


Carletta said...

Definitely a book - I've thought that since I started reading you!
You and Raven are what keeps me trying but I'll never be on the same podium!
I always save yours for last - so I can saviour it and not have to move on. :)

Richard said...

carletta: Thankyou for your kind words. I will do my best to live up to them. It will get tough here in the coming weeks. Our house sold and we have to be out by the end of the month. Things are going to get hairy very quickly.

No matter what, the saga of the McCools, Sgt Johnson and Zan and the badman Claude Debaucherrie will continue somehow.