Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wordzzle, Wordzzle wherefore art thou, Wordzzle

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: handy, operation, gratitude, parallel bars, the color purple, manic depressive, Puget Sound, fragmentary, perpetual motion, secretive

Mini Challenge: sympathetic, filet of sole, mysterious stranger, elephantine, music
As always I'm too lazy to do more than the Mega.

The Puget Sound B & B, so inappropriately named, was turning out to be a great weekend retreat for the McCools and Sgt Johnson and Van. The owners had moved from the shore of Washington state and named the famous old southern mansion after their previous local as a joke and also a statement; the couples state of mind being somewhat maniac depressive after the move and remodel.

While the B & B had many handy references to the local history and attractions, it also was filled with nautical art reflecting the owner's origins. After a relaxing day by the pool, some great southern cooking at a local eatery where Thomas showed his companions the beauty of a "plate lunch", and an extraordinary dinner in Atlanta of fillet of sole and a delicious wine, the couples came back for some time to just sit and catch up.

Van and Jean took fuzzy navels down to poolside and settled in while the boys occupied the veranda sipping whiskey and smoking cigars. Paul and Tom talked about how well the B & B's owners' handled their operation as they caught fragmentary bits of conversation from the ladies beside the pool. Paul expressed his and Van's gratitude for the McCools handling the accommodations, especially since it had been done (out of necessity) in such secretive fashion. Because the paparazzi were in perpetual motion looking for new angles on the "Alley Cat" murders it had been necessary for McCool to let his friend be the mysterious stranger in all arrangements made.

Just then the owners stopped by to tell the men that they would be showing the movie "The Color Purple" in the ballroom that evening if they wished to see it. The gentlemen demurred and called down to the ladies to see if they were interested. "I guess we're sitting this one out" McCool replied. "But thanks for asking" he finished. "No problem" Harvey (the husband and co-owner) replied. As he walked away, Johnson commented on the still huge forearms of Harvey from his days as an Olympic hopeful on the parallel bars. "He's got to be close to sixty and still in good shape" the Sgt observed. "Yea, he stays that way from lifting the elephantine furniture when he and Ruth clean the public rooms" McCool said in his most sympathetic voice. "I know I wouldn't want to lug that heavy old furniture around" he concluded.

Music drifted up from the pool as Tom and Paul got down to business. "OK Paul, I've read what the newspapers have to say, but you said something about eco-terrorists; how do they fit in?" "I'm not sure they do, but here is what the evidence tells me and why I need your help on this one" the Sgt replied.

The Sgt went on to tell McCool that the fingerprints on the murder weapon in Miami had been those of a supposedly dead or at least out of circulation eco-terrorist, Claude Debaucherie. The Frenchman was rumored to have perished in 2005 during a failed attempt at bombing an offshore oil rig in the North Sea. Now his prints were on the murder weapon of the "Alley Cat" murders case.

McCool recalled the career of the Claude and his tenuous ties to the green earth and ecology movements. What few had known of Claude was that he had trained with the French secret service in the 90s and was adept with weapons, especially bladed weapons. He could have filleted a trout or a person with ease. In Thomas's opinion it was not a stretch that Claude was the murderer, but a motive was pretty hard to come by.

What the infamous Claude "the butcher" Debaucherie and the now horribly deceased "Eminem" had in common was hard to figure.

"Claude was cruel and vicious, but his attacks were usually on property with people just being secondary" McCool stated. "And they were always about environmental issues" he added. "What do you suppose is the environmental connection here?" Thomas wondered. It was still early on the west coast. McCool had some connections our there with the environmental activist crowd. He picked up his Sat-phone and dialed the first number.


Raven said...

Claude Debaucherie is one of the best names ever. I'm loving the continuing story. You forgot to highlihgt secretive and handy. Great work as always.

Richard said...

Yea, I'm having blogger issues and every time I go back to edit it erases my previous corrections.


Akelamalu said...

I agree Claude Debaucherie is a fabulous name!

Great instalment Rich, can't wait for the next one. :)

Akelamalu said...
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Dianne said...

Claude Debaucherie! Oh My!!

I'm really enjoying this tale Rich.

Perhaps the eco-terrorists have infiltrated your blogger editor!?

Nah - it's just George ;)

Jeff B said...

And the saga continues. I'm enjoying this series Rich.

Richard said...

akelamalu: Thanks, I really liked your stories today as well.

Dianne: great story today at your site and I'm still thinking about wine and birthday cake.

Jeff, your story today had great heart.

Thanks to all for reading.


Jay said...

It's always cool for a Frenchie to be the main suspect. Especially one with a really great name. Excellent as always Richard!

Jay said...

BTW, I'm having blogger issues today too. It has been refusing to let me update the blog roll or add a banner in my sidebar among other things. Oh so annoying! ;-)

Betty said...

Claude Debaucherie is a name for someone I might like, actually, if he weren't an ecoterrorist. Sounds suave, dangerous, and, perhaps, musically inclined? lol

Kimmie said...

Rich, Claude Debaucherie is a great name for a story character! I Love it. Your story made me feel like I am reading a chapter in a real book. Munga talent I must say! I look forward to next week.

Kim said...

So enjoyable! You've got a flair, that's for sure!

Carletta said...

Wonderful - I can hardly wait for the next chapter!
Very easy reading that drew me right in.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting by first one today.

Richard said...

Jay: Thanks man, I'm enjoying the trials of the dark lord at your blog as well.

Betty: Claude has his good points if you're a fanatical eco-freak and yes he is dangerously sexy.

Kimmie: Thanks for reading and coming by.

Kim: I sure appreciate your coming by and reading, thanks.

Carleta: Welcome to the Wordzzle world and thanks for coming by.

Mucho Gracias to the folks that came by to read this week.


SMM said...

Claude sounds like a leather jacket wearing, biker dude & eco freak (his bike runs on CNG). Interesting. Btw I see you mostly use the same character that deliberate?

Richard said...

ssm: Yes, this is an ongoing story going back a few Saturdays. Thanks for reading.